Adjusts Exchange Floors Based On Demand Dynamics

From Publishers point, maintaining and optimizing floor prices are very difficult. It can be contrasted to demographics, geographies, traffic patterns, multiple ad spots and devices used for every ad unit on the page.

We knew we had to bridge this gap with an efficient technology which will simplify your task. After several detailed analysis and testing by our in-house experts, we finally made a major breakthrough wherein SMARTFLOOR was born.

It is an AI based product, carefully designed keeping the publisher in mind. It aggregates, monitors, evaluates and learns the performance data of all exchanges individually at a micro level and defines the optimum floor price for your inventory.

SMARTFLOOR predicts and adjusts the pricing strategies in real-time. This is only possible because of the continuous learning in the background on millions of parameters based on historical data for best pricing strategies.

SMARTFLOOR ensures best value for your inventory, while simultaneously contributing to an additional incremental revenue of upto 30%.

Product Features

It can change floor prices regularly, whether it is an entire ad spot or just a part of it. Predicts and adjusts the pricing strategies in real time.

Relentless data learning in the background at a micro level and defining the optimum floor price for your inventory.

It works in your interests delivering best value for your inventory while significantly contributing to your AD revenue.

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