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Publishers always want to see an ad served in an ad spot because it provides a consistent user experience for their visitors and additionally it provides revenue.

A common method to ensure a high fill rate is the waterfall or daisy-chain set-up. It involves passing an impression through networks from offering highest rates first, then pushing the inventory to those who offered the lowest rates. Latency between networks lead to a few seconds delay for the ad to appear on the page.

Existing publishers who use this technology either have Pre-bid setups or Wrappers provided by ad networks which are highly inefficient. They face difficulties to implement and maintain this technology. It requires technical know-how managing time-outs, floor prices and operational work on your ad server. Moreover, one needs to closely monitor to ensure best performance.

Well YIELD’s Header Bidding will solve all the heavy lifting jobs for you. It is designed using machine learning and data science which brings ultra-fast ad loads. YIELD’s Header Bidding algorithm does all the job effortlessly right from setting-up, maintenance, debugging, optimizing demand partner bids and timeouts providing publishers with higher yield.

Our Hybrid technology which is integrated inside our platform makes it possible to work with both client and server-side bidders simultaneously. We leave this choice to our publishers.

Product Features

Auto selection of bidders without changing the Header Bidding script on the page.

Adjusting floor bids and timeouts for each auction. Automatically upgrading the script and following compliance laid down by GDPR & CCPA.

Reporting console with revenue reports & bidder analytics. Server side & Client side Bidders integrated together in one script.

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