Smartly Refreshing Banners

HVR – will swiftly reload an ad-spot on the page with a new Ad, once the reader is engaged with the content. Publishers need not create any new ad spots on the page. It allows you to run your Ad stack, without affecting the current revenue while increasing the number of highly viewable impressions.

This AI based product intelligently refreshes the ad spots based on pre-set triggers, derived on historical data, users active viewport and session duration. Since the user is highly engaged, it makes the inventory more valuable resulting in higher CPMs for each successive reload.

HVR has been trained to follow best practices while boosting revenue growth, maintaining high consistency in viewability score without hampering Publishers reputation. Our past evaluation shows that a Publisher can yield an additional incremental revenue by 15-30% using HVR’s optimization technique.

Product Features

More value without creating new ad spots on the page.

Ad viewability and user engagement are HVR’s primary focus.

Ensures boosting revenue growth by maintaining high consistency in viewability score and high CPMs during each successive reload.

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